Toni junior

Making-of Delaco’s Toni Junior adventures.

Toni Junior is a kid with a powerful imagination and is the main character for Delaco's line of dairy products.
Animating Toni consisted at first of delivering a TVC, for which I contributed to layout, rigging setups and compositing.
For the online adventures of the kid, I used the given voiceovers to design and illustrate his stories, made changes according to the feedback, rigged the characters, animate some of them, composite and deliver the project. I worked closely with my colleague animator, trying to add just enough humor while keeping the same tone throughout the series.


Nasturii Lunii

Director: Dan Panaitescu, Dragoș Ştefan
Art direction: Dan Panaitescu
Rigging: Dragoș Ştefan, Vlad Pășcanu, Alex Stoica
Animation: Dan Panaitescu, Radu Popovici

Toni stories

Layout, design, rigging, animation, compositing: Vlad Pășcanu
Animation: Andrei Ebi
Toni and moon design: Dan Panaitescu