Crulic – The Path to Beyond

Making-of for Crulic – The Path to Beyond .

Crulic – The Path to Beyond was the first Romanian movie to have won the Crystal Prize for Best Feature at Annecy International Animation Film Festival.
I was responsible for several shots, requiring 3d backgrounds, blending rigging and frame by frame animation with cloth simulation, creating smoke and snow and compositing footage with hand-drawn backgrounds.

DSG animation + vfx

Concept: Anca Damian, Dan Panaitescu, Raluca Popa, Dragos Stefan
Animation production manager: Dragos Stefan
Character design and layout: Dan Panaitescu
Backgrounds: Raluca Popa, Dan Panaitescu
Hand drawn 2D animation: Dan Panaitescu
Computer 2D animation: Roxana Bentu, Tuliu Oltean, Dragos Stefan
Computer 3D animation: Tuliu Oltean, Vlad Pascanu, Dragos Stefan, Roxana Bentu
Compositing: Tuliu Oltean, Roxana Bentu, Dragos Stefan, Vlad Pascanu, Dan Panaitescu, Raluca Popa, Andrei Saraliischi
Grading: Dan Panaitescu, Dragos Stefan, Raluca Popa